PC & Server Support

We work hard to keep the gremlins out of your systems.

Over the years computers have become easier to use, more reliable and much cheaper. For many businesses, the reliance on technology has placed them in the uncomfortable position of not understanding the tools they are required to use.

Knowing that your network works, your printers print and your email arrives is a basic requirement for your business. Ensuring that these stay working is ours. Janua Hortorum can manage your network and systems, improve your efficiency, guide you through the spam, spyware, virus’ and hackers allowing you to concentrate on what you’re good at.

Proactive Monitoring

Our remote monitoring systems alert us to potential issues within seconds. If we can't fix it quickly we'll be on the phone to you!

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Reliable Backups

We use nightly backups and snapshot technology to make sure that you never lose the information you value.

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